Thinking of investing in solar but wondering about the benefits of choosing a Solar photovoltaic (PV) system over a Solar thermal system for your home …or vice versa? Already have a Solar installation but need help monitoring your systems' usage each month? While state-specific calculators are not always available everywhere in the U.S., the links below can help you determine everything from how to offset your carbon footprint, analyze the energy efficiency of your household appliances, or create a personal profile of your Solar power system.

Solar Calculator: Use our solar calculator to estimate your solar system costs and energy savings.

Estimate my solar energy system.
Be Green  - Calculate your carbon footprint based on electricity usage, vehicle you own, air travel and heating system. Offset your carbon footprint by buying carbon credits and reducing consumption.

Bonneville Environmental Foundation - How much CO2 and other greenhouse gasses (CO2e) do your activities create? Fill in the blanks in this CO2 emissions calculator to find out. Each section in this calculator will ask you to fill in information about your energy use. If you do not complete all of the sections, the calculator will indicate your CO2 emissions for the sections that you choose to complete. connects people to solar energy professionals.


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1016 Saxton-Airport Road, Suite 118 Philadelphia, MS 39350 601-656-6161


Mississippi Solar, LLC
211 Popes Road
Carthage, MS 39051
Phone: 601-656-6161


Mississippi Solar
1016 Saxton-Airport Road, Suite 118
Philadelphia, MS 39350
Phone: 601-656-6161